How often should I tune my piano?

The short answer to a surprisingly complex question is… “well that depends”. A very common answer to that question is “once a year”, which for some people could in fact be the correct answer. But this is not necessarily the right answer for everyone. Confused? Don’t be, just watch my video, and read on – […]

What goes into tuning a piano?

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The short answer … quite a lot! If you would like to know a bit more about what goes into the process of getting your piano tuned, take a look at my video below:

What exactly is a piano pitch raising?

There is a saying amongst piano tuners: “You can’t tune a piano unless it’s already in tune.” So what exactly does that mean? A pitch raise is a preliminary piano tuning, performed prior to a regular tuning. Also known as a ‘pitch correction’ or a ‘pre-tuning’, this procedure is often associated with the term ‘double-tuning’. […]

How do I know if a piano has been well looked after?

How do I know if a used piano has been well looked after? The short answer to that question is that you don’t, and for that reason it makes sense to apply a few rules to a purchase of a used piano before you make a mistake. I’ll set these rules out for you below […]

Why is a grand piano better than an upright?

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The short answer to that question is that a grand is not necessarily better than an upright, but with any type of piano, it all comes down to three basic things.  Quality of design Quality of componentry Size So then if a grand piano has a tick next those three privisos, being high quality in […]