Jarred Finnigan

The Finnigan Piano Tuner story

I have a long and what I think is an interesting love affair with the piano and music. I grew up in a musical family. My parents were in a dance band playing for weddings parties, anything… (mainly weddings & parties). Mum played the piano and dad the saxophone.

I took mandatory piano lessons as a young child but was put off by a strict teacher. While I rebelled against structured lessons I spent many hours writing my own music and playing things I heard on the radio. 

When I was in grade 7 I sat for a music scholarship and was accepted into Churchlands Senior High School where I studied woodwind, clarinet, bass clarinet & saxophone. I have continued to play sax throughout my life and have found this an invaluable tool in my ear training.

Once I left school I started my apprenticeship as a piano tuner technician. I remember during the first year of my apprenticeship tuning, or more accurately attempting to tune my first piano (in the workshop of course). The piano was pretty badly out of tune when I started and approximately four hours later it was even worse.

Tuning a piano is a pretty straightforward process (in theory) but in practice it really is an art form that takes many years to master. I must say I do approach it from the point of view of an artisan and while perfection is impossible it is nonetheless what I always strive for. I derive a huge amount of pleasure from walking away from a piano that I have been able to make play & sound as close to the top of its potential as possible. The look of satisfaction on the face of a good pianist once they sit down and play the piano once I have finished with it is a huge reward that I never grow tired of.

So what I can offer you and your piano is a standard of excellence that is unsurpassed and guarantee that your piano will be easier to play and a joy to listen to.

Most piano owners have never experienced the best their piano has to offer. My passion is to make your piano easier to play and a joyful experience to listen to so that you can enjoy your music at the highest level.


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