Piano Life Saver

Humidity control system

Humidity control is the most important factor in maintaining tuning stability and piano protection. Keeping the environment your piano sits in at a perfect 45% humidity level is near impossible to constantly achieve – however the Piano Life Saver System makes it easy!

What is it?

The Piano Life Saver System is an internal humidity control system that constantly monitors and protects your piano through both humidification and de-humidification as required.

How does it work?

The Piano Life Saver System continuously monitors the humidity level of the air inside your piano using a sophisticated electronic Humidistat which is located very close to the soundboard.   

When the Humidistat senses that the humidity level is too low, it activates the Humidifier. When it senses that the level is too high, it activates the Dehumidifier. This shallow cycle continues day after day, year after year, protecting your piano from external conditions.

All you need to do is keep the system’s water level topped up (which takes less than 2 minutes), and the Piano Life Saver System takes care of the rest.

The Benefits Far Outweigh The Cost

A piano is a large investment, one that deserves to be well maintained and protected from potential damage.

In addition to being a beautiful piece of furniture, your piano or grand piano is a precision instrument with many thousands of parts that are always responding to changes in humidity. As the humidity fluctuates outside, it also fluctuates inside your home, and more concerning, the humidity will also fluctuate inside your piano.

Not only does this impact the stability of the tuning and performance of your piano, it can also lead to nasty and costly consequences for your instrument. If the humidity is too high, keys can get stuck and strings can rust. Too low humidity can cause other problems such as loose hammers and other mechanical parts, and sometimes even cracks in the soundboard or the tuning block.

The best protection for your instrument against fluctuations in humidity is by installing an internal system like the Piano Life Saver System that maintains an ideal environment inside your piano, regardless of the conditions outside of your piano.

How much is it?

The Piano Life Saver System comes in 3 sizes. Prices include installation, 6 months supply of replacement pads, and 475ml bottle pad water treatment.

Upright Piano $1180

Grand Piano $1490

Large Grand Piano $1770